Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Books! And Cleverness!

Just finished Hermione today. I wanted her to hold a wand so I flipped her to face right. I also got rid of the Devil's Snare because it looked too ominous. I've been practicing floral motifs lately after buying a book of 1,001 floral motifs and ornaments. I really want to develop my sense of design and pattern and practicing linework is one of them. I figured, since it's unlikely I'll be taking actual art courses any time soon, I might as well be my own teacher and study through reference and practice. c:


  1. hermione...


    gomenne, kimoiyone... anyway, you do so great on your own already that i can't imagine what you'll be capable of when you do find a mentor @__@

  2. I liked the snare. A smart but sinister witch is always better than a lame wizard--!

  3. mar: Thank you for drooling. And thank you but I'm certain I've got quite a long way to go art-wise c:
    eric: Hermione is far from a lame wizard--she's a brilliant witch!

  4. She looks like a Harvard grad with her english prep look.