Sunday, January 16, 2011

WIP dumps

With my personality, I need to work on several pieces all at once. Majority don't get finished, mainly because they are generated from 2AM boredom/insomnia and aren't really things worth finishing anyway. But I thought I'd share them here because I don't know if all of them will get up on my deviantArt.

So this first piece is from last week when I started reading Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. It depicts my interpretation of the scene with Clarisse and Montag in the rain.

I'm also re-reading Deathly Hallows simultaneously, as I mentioned earlier. Drew this scene when they enter Grimmauld Place and encounter the freaky Dumbledore dummy for the first time. Did this at 4am.

Drew this today mainly for fun. I guess I'll finish this tomorrow. 1st year Hermione with Devil's Snare.

This here is Neville. I'm using this illustration for a tutorial that I'm trying to make because I've been receiving a lot of requests to share my painting techniques on Photoshop. I've taken several screenshots with this one but I'm not so sure if this is gonna be the best example... meeehhh TBA.

Drew this today, too. I really am starting to pick up a new style that stresses on patterns and simplicity. I'm still in the experimentation stage and it's hard to venture right now because I've got a pile of other illustrations I need to be doing for other people but still... it's good to explore during breaks.

This was one of the five drafts that were tossed for the World Tribune newspaper's Seize the Day section on Nuclear Disarmament. It's depicting an enormous bunch of doves formulating a mushroom cloud shape. The sunflowers were added as a common symbol of nuclear abolition. I've yet to finish the actual illustration that was chosen.

Another draft for the World Tribune cover art on nuclear abolition--this one focuses on the section of Daisaku Ikeda's UN Peace Proposal that advocates youth empowerment and education.

This is a draft for a notebook cover design for the SGI Young Womens Division. This exact design won't be used but a cleaned up version of the circle of girls may be used for the YWD section on the World Tribune. 

A wip (work in progress) of a commissioned piece featuring a more grown up Draco and Harry set in an earlier gilded era.

Finally, this I began last summer and haven't touched since. It's a collage of the years that I have spent growing up with Harry Potter. I really want to finish this and make it look nice but it's RRREAAAALLLYYYY time consuming. In the center it will have JKR's message: "To you, who* stuck with Harry until the very end." I hope to get this done before or soon after the release of the very last HP film, Deathly Hallows part 2.
*The actual text is: "To you, if you have stuck with Harry until the very end." 


  1. I absolutely adore the last one. That's exactly how I felt reading those books. It reminds me of this one picture on DeviantART (but I can't find it! Argh!) that features two simple scenes of the same person: a girl receiving the first Harry Potter book, and then ten years later, the same person finishing that book. I found it quite touching.

  2. love all of em especially what you did for the YWDs! can't wait to see it somewhere soon :)

  3. what an amazing post ! I love your Hermione and I can't wait to read your tutorial. Your coloring style is definetly great and inspirationnal. Even if I don't know how to use photoshop I'm always amazed by your work ! And I love the expressions, clothes and poses on the Harry/Draco drawing ! They look badass !
    The final drawing seems to be AMAZING ! I really can't wait to see it finished, because definetly I've grown up with Harry and have stuck with him until the very end, too =)

  4. I absolutely love the collage! I haven't read the books ( I know, I know! But I'm working on it! ) but while watching the movies, it felt like I was going through everything with Harry and the gang.