Saturday, April 2, 2011

April Fool'd

I hope you all had an entertaining April Fools! I got pranked by my Symbolic Logic professor this morning when I got seated in class and he distributed a pop-quiz with ridiculously difficult deduction problems that we hadn't even learned about yet. It was only after I began trying to solve the first problem that I realized it was a prank. 

I also liked what they did to Hulu, as well as the 1911 YouTube logo, and the elaborate prank with the Google Gmail Motion BETA promotion in which they supposedly created a new type of system where people could compose e-mails through body motion captured by a webcam. I responded to that prank by making this video using their map of shortcut body gestures to compose an e-mail.

Anyway, fun day! Here's what I wore:

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  1. i was crackin' up when I clicked the google motion thing and saw the dude moving his arms and the word "switzerland" came up. bwahaha.