Friday, April 1, 2011

What I wore, chocolates and flour

Today was So Cal's warmest so far in 2011 and it was absolutely spectacular. Brilliant sunshine, warm breezes, joyful birds and... the biggest package from home containing 11 boxes of my favorite mushroom shaped chocolate snacks!! If this couldn't be awesome enough, my mom went ahead and caked the whole package with limited edition One Piece postage stamps!! See for yourself!!

LOL And so I was thrilled. I guess the images are self explanatory. 
So here's what I wore on this fine spring day!

Also, I enjoyed this evening listening to a benefit concert-ish performance of three Hawaiian guitarists. It was actually the first sound test rehearsal that was held in the brand new Performing Arts Center at our Soka University, and after the earthquake happened in Japan, the organizers decided to make it public and send all the profits to the earthquake/tsunami relief. So that was really enjoyable and the acoustics were great! These mellow middle-aged men brought the shores and plumerias with them in their cheerful Hawaiian melodies. c:

Finally, I wanted to share that I totally enjoyed Stranger Than Fiction the other day! Gosh, it was so awesome. I couldn't get over the witty narrative, the colorful and dynamic assortment of personalities, the clean, futuristic computer graphics, the delicious soundtrack and the overall creativity of the plot that kept me captivated from start to finish. I absolutely loved Emma Thompson's acting, and Will Ferrell wasn't bad at all for a change. I loved Dustin Hoffman's lit professor role as well. Gosh, what a fun movie! I need to go watch it again--I have a feeling the second time around will reveal even greater details!

Anyway, I drew this based off the relationship between Ana and Herald from one of the best scenes out of the entire movie:

That's it now. Hope all of you make the best of your April Fools!


  1. Oh my gosh, One Piece stickers?? Gah, that is amazing!!

    And I just love your illustrations recently. Thanks for letting us see them!:D

  2. @Tiuni Thank you for looking at them! c: