Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pre-flight speedpaint

I've been really uncomfortably busy these past weeks and it'll only get busier as we sink deeper into May. I've got three large papers due in less than two weeks, for which I've written absolutely zero at this point. I don't understand how writing has become such a difficult feat with every additional year in college. I recall being (or at least feeling) much more eloquent in middle/high school. 

Anyway, I drew this as a destresser last night. I've been really absorbed with the Space Race lately, and I recently watched several episodes of NASA's When We Left Earth documentary series on the progressive projects to send man out of earth's orbit and on to the moon. The whole space-age decade is fascinating to me, with the almost arrogant confidence that pervaded the politics of astrophysical engineering triggered by the omnipresent competition of the Soviets. 

So instead of drawing the stuff that I should be drawing for The Pearl and commissions and my now completely abandoned independent study (again), I drew an astronaut in one of the original Mercury 7 space suits. I was debating whether to draw Alan Shepard or Ed White (from Gemini 4 and perhaps the most charming, after Neil Armstrong) and ended up drawing nobody. lol This took approximately 2 hours.


  1. is beautifull!...... I love :) (nice paint!)

  2. I particularly like the ikea-eque seat.

  3. awesome picture. (Apollo suit)