Thursday, February 17, 2011

Art studies

Hello Blogger! It's been a while! I feel obligated to provide an extensive update but unfortunately it's already past 1am and I really must be getting to sleep. So I share this illustration, which kinda gives you a glimpse of what I've been up to.

As I mentioned briefly last year, I'm doing an independent study of art this semester (an incomplete, actually, from 5 semesters ago... 8/) with Arie. Long story short, I'm basically dividing this semester into three units, the first in which I'm doing my own research and study/sketches/explorations with design, influenced by Japanese, Native American, Islamic and Neoclassical styles, particularly line work and ornamental motifs. So it's not as though I've stopped drawing... I've actually been doing a lot of it, but in traditional media in my sketchbook, which unfortunately I can't upload since I don't have a scanner handy at the moment--I'll find a way to post them up here, though. The second unit will most likely be focusing on illustrating organisms, particularly human anatomy, animals and marine lifeforms. The third will focus on landscape drawing, mainly painting/airbrushing in Photoshop. I'll go deeper into all of that later, but right now I really gotta sleep! 

Oh and this picture... I really have no explanation, other than I just did it 40 minutes ago and completely at random. I've been looking at a lot of Japanese woodblock prints and sumie so... most likely it was influenced by that? And anime style or whatev lol. 

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