Thursday, February 3, 2011

Deathly Hallows doodles

Hello again! As I mentioned before, I've been re-reading Deathly Hallows this winter break and listening to Jim Dale's audiobook religiously. Here are just a few doodles I've done in between projects:

Sevvy, baby Sevvy, Grindelwald and Voldy

FYI, this is right when Ron returns and Hermione offers her warm welcome.

Luna Lovegood

Also, the nuclear disarmament illustration is le finished as I mentioned earlier. Here's what it looks like:

This illustration took up so much time! Goodness! I'm hungry for a fan art break. Speaking of break, I had a break; I had a KitKat. I had a Wasabi flavored KitKat. By far the most bizarre chocolate I have ever put into my mouth. 8/

1 comment:

  1. love the sketches!!
    especially the harry and hermione one. :D