Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Photo post of winter break Japan

Hello Blogspot! It's been a while since I last updated. I've been a little winded lately due to the sudden change of environment. As of Sunday I've been back at SUA in Orange County, and I'm simply waiting for the spring semester to commence. It's kinda nice arriving a little early so that I have this adjustment period to overcome my jet-lag.

I really haven't much to update, other than the fact that the Nuclear Disarmament illustration is done (last night), which is mainly what I've been investing my time on since arriving. It's a relief to get it off my shoulders at last. It was definitely the largest illustration I've ever worked on (13x10 inch in 300 dpi) and it took me all of winter break to do it. Unfortunately I can't feel too proud of it because I'm just not satisfied with the look and the overall design--I know that after a year's development I will look back at it and know exactly how to improve it. I'll share it here later once I get feedback from the client. 

Excuse me, but the rest I'll post in a sequence of bullets and photos. I'm not quite in the state to elaborate much and I fear I'll bore you to death. Here's a recap of the eventful things that happened during the last few days I was in Japan. By the end, I think you'll have a pretty vivid picture of just how mundane my life has been this winter break. lol:

To give you an idea, the picture on the left compares this tiny can to the average beer can.

Here is the tiny drink that I had from a tiny shot glass.
I put it next to the mandarin and chopsticks so you can compare the sizes.
I had about two gulps before I hit the bottom of the can. 

The cutest owl cake the world has ever seen. Hoot hoot! 
You can count on Japan to make the most adorable delectables. 
Note the cute angel pudding on the right. 

Also, Japanese comedian, Kanpei Hazama breaks the world record with his Earth Marathon, completing an entire lap around the globe in 2 years and a month. I was so moved and encouraged by this man, who even was diagnosed and overcame cancer during his journey. Amazing.

Then here are a few pics from my trip to Hakone hot springs. This is a seaside noodle restaurant where we had lunch on the way. The most beautiful and tranquil restaurant I have ever visited!

I had hot Aji no tempura soba (aji = horse mackerel) which was omgsogood and really filling!

Mom had this colorful assortment of veggies and crabs and fish on her soba noodles.

Since I can't share any photos of the hot springs (obviously cameras aren't permitted in the baths) here are a couple shots of the Hakone scenery we crossed during our road trip. That's the most of Mt.Fuji I we were able to catch. It's always cloudy at the foot of the mountain. 

And a big, pretty torii gate we drove under. 

Okay, this post seems to be long enough. Sorry to bombard you with photos. I hope to post a more meaningful and interesting blog next time. Uuuughhh jet lagggg x/


  1. This is a very meaningful blog, thank you for letting us into your life! :) the owl cake is so cute.. and i think the name "mitsumeru fukurou" is even cuter. i don't like beer at all so that can would be perfect if i had to get one ahaha. i hope you had a wonderful time at hakone. i miss the hot springs! i hope that you will be well refreshed to begin this new semester!

  2. holy crap!! that picture [of your mom and dad?] of the lake in the backdrop is so awesome... and trust me, if you think this is mundane, you need to lower your standards! Or rather... raise your standards to acknowledge just how mundane things can be.
    Your beer may beat my "small" coffee at J-Starbucks.

  3. @Mar: Thanks Marika! Yes, indeed I had a really relaxing time. I should be plenty rejuvenated by now to start the semester. I'm quite eager for school to commence--Phat Vu's physics, you know ;)

    @Eric: Yeah, it was the ocean. Beautiful scenery. I'll post more pics of it on facebook. And you're right, I shouldn't take things for granted--it was quite an eventful winter, thanks to my parents. c: