Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fixing and Tom Riddling and such

So it's been a tough week so far. But the upside is that I've been thinking a lot about art. I'm trying to get my Independent Study project going and I've been hammering out ideas in my sketchbook while poring through art books from the library. Um um um, also I began adjusting the colors of a lot of pieces in my dA gallery because I recently realized that the formatting from PSD to JPG and uploading washes out so much of the original color that everything looks dull and muted. On top of that, I started to make the corrections that I've been meaning to do for a while, like the Amelie pic below.

And then this Tom Riddle pic (below, left)... this was actually one of the first drawings I ever did on photoshop, and this was the first lineless drawing that I ever attempted. I've been meaning to update it with a new version, so I guess I started that process today (below, right). You can probably tell that my latest impression of Tom has been strongly influenced by the movie's rendition. 


  1. damn... bravo. Though I dont know who Tom Riddle is.

  2. Thank you--Tom Riddle is the boy who later became Voldemort in Harry Potter c: