Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Finals and commissions

Finals are going all right. The rough portion (Monday) has passed. Now all I've got left are two papers by the 20th and an in-class paper (this one's gonna be tedious I'm sure) on Friday. I wished I could've written up more today but I felt so exhausted from yesterday and it didn't help that my menstrual cycle decided that this week would be the opportune occasion to drop by. She even brought along her irritating friend, Ultra Crampage. Ass.

I gave myself a break after 10pm to go stock up on some Spamusubi and Yakitori at the Grad Department Final Exams snack stand in Ruby's apartment. I only got there five past and already there was a ridiculously long 30 minute line. My hair now stinks of BBQ smoke.

But afterward I didn't feel like writing anymore so I decided to catch up on some commissions (I've got sooooo much to do this winter break). Here's one that I'm currently working on which is due before Christmas. Better hop to it.

All right, sleep time. Tomorrow's another long (and hopefully highly constructive) day of writing. With luck, I will be able to suppress my annoying guests with my good pal, Ibuprofen.


  1. wh--at. Commissions as in, you're getting paid?? Sorry to hear about the onslaught this week. But you're flo - you can handle it.

  2. Yeah, I'm trying out something new. I had received a number of offers on deviantArt this year so I opened myself up. I was really hesitant at first because money puts a whole new level of pressure and obligation to art but I'm learning to see it as a wonderful training. My clients have also been really generous and it's helping me get through daily expenses. At least finals' snacks are covered! :9
    Thanks, Eric!

  3. oh man! That's how you get yourself into the professionaly art world! (though I'm not sure if that's something you want to do).
    I remember when deviartArt for started -- it must be nearly a decade?
    You get paid for doing what you love - what a benefit.