Friday, December 17, 2010

In class essay

Just finished my in-class exam for Sociology of Education. Gail's tests are always daunting... not so much the material but the quantity of writing. Nonetheless, I think I was able to plow through it... and the first to finish (yeah!) and 30 minutes early (double yeah!) and first dibs on doughnuts that she brought as a reward (triple yeah! +1 up!). So I'm satisfied that I was able to write six pages in 2 1/2 hours--but my hand is dead tired...

Anyway, just two more papers left and I'll be free! I'm really chanting to be able to enjoy my finals. Recently it's been so hard to focus and the rate of my writing has been so infuriatingly slow! Like one word per minute! D8 So I'm just chanting for my passion to kick in and to really have a brilliant finish to this semester. I've come this far!


  1. goldfinger----
    Thanks so much for your comment, I appreciate it! You're almost there! your hand will become a beast of its own, just like in your illustrations. Let it fly!

  2. LOL beast-hand. Thank you! ILU
    Please share what came of your interviews!