Wednesday, December 22, 2010

In SF nao.

Hey all! Greetings from the San Francisco international airport! I'm here now waiting for my transferring flight to Haneda airport, enjoying some black pepper pasta salad and an interesting hazelnut Italian soda.

I'm so tired--haven't slept properly in four days!! I'm actually looking forward to the 11 hour flight home! :) Get some decent sleeping done for a change. Anyway, yesterday was the winter formal--I was glad that a decent crowd showed up in the latter half of the night and we had a pretty fun time. The only downfall was the ridiculous storm that brutally drenched us from head to toe both going to and from Founders and the residents halls. It was awful outside.

Sorry, I really have nothing to report. Just excited to be going home! You'll hear from me next time from Tokyo! c: See youuuu!!


  1. aaaa nihon------!! Have fun on your last winter vacation!

  2. Arigatoooo!! C: Demo I will have one more winter vacation b/c I'll be staying at SUA for another year. I'll be walking with 2012 desu. :)

  3. sokka! I think I'm in denial that this will be my last one. くそ うんこ