Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Blog hiatus

So it's happening. As of 3:00PM today I will cease to access all social networking sites for one whole week until 3:00PM next Wednesday, the 8th. Aaaaahhhh can I do it??? I must! Oh my internet is gonna be so sad and lonely, poor thing.
Flo: No! No no no! It's not you, it's me!
Internet: F*ck you! Don't give me that.
Flo: No I swear! I implore you not to take this personally.
Internet: I thought you were enjoying spending time with me!
Flo: No, honestly I do! It's just...
Internet: We surfed together--EVERY DAY!
Flo: I know! It's only a week of work...
Internet: Work?! You abandon me over work?
Flo: Well I...
Internet: Screw it! Come back when you've sorted out your priorities! *bluescreen*

Well... see you in a week I guess.

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