Thursday, December 9, 2010


Oh my god it was a long week!!! It still is a long week!!!
Finals are impending. I just had a presentation this morning for Sociology which I believe went pretty well. I was pretty eccentric to say the least--even without the additional mug of caffeine I was passionate about my topic as it was (the replacement of traditional grading systems with alternative assessment).

I spent the rest of the day preparing for the next American Experience presentation I have tomorrow. I'm having fun with this one, too. I'm looking at a couple of World Fairs that were held in the US and how through the process of exhibiting "American culture" they were in fact shaping a distinct American identity. It's interesting because for instance in the 1964/65 World's Fair in Queens, New York, a whole bunch of prominent industries such as General Electric, IBM, General Motors, Coca Cola, constructed pavilions displaying their visions of a "space age" in America's near future. There was a strong emphasis on the development of science and technology that promised for the raised standard of living. General Motors constructed a "Progressland" in which visitors could actually ride an attraction that cruised them through future sub-Oceanic resorts, remote-controlled massive desert reforestation machines and models of the future city landscape. There was even an interactive section on nuclear fusion and sub-atomic power for kids. Exposing citizens to these glamorous visions harvested in them a newfound perspective on their nation and the potential of their lives.

Anyway, so that's what I've been working on today. But I needed a break desperately, so I doodled some Harry Potter characters for relaxation:

A young, seasonal Lily Evans

In loving memory of Fred Weasley.

Young Sevvy Snape, a self-proclaimed prince.

Aaaanyway das enouf. I need to sleeeeeep!!!


  1. wait a minute! I thought you were going blogger-less for a two weeks! lol or maybe not.
    Actually that Amex presentation genuinly sounds interesting. Do you have pictures of these fairs?? And how do you upload these doodles onto the comp?

  2. Yeah, these two are my main resources:
    The first is absolutely phenomenal in the amount of information gathered. Reading and browsing through all the pavilions, it was almost like I was actually at the Fair.
    As for the doodles, I just draw them on photoshop, save them as jpgs and upload them as images. c:

  3. These maps and pictures are crazy! The fair was HUGE--
    and jeez, you draw them on photoshop? With a mouse?!

  4. whaaaaaaat. that tablet puts the awesome in awesomeness. i can't stop looking at lily's trees!