Sunday, December 19, 2010

One to go

Finished my AmEx paper on World's Fairs that I talked about earlier, and I'm proud to say I'm highly satisfied. Now just one more Early Modern European Lit paper to do for Marie-Rose. This one will be an analysis of the function and value of travel from the medieval period all the way to the 18th century looking at chivalric quests, pilgrimages and world expeditions. I'm already 7 pages in on this one so I'm not too concerned but I want a fine product to submit in the end. I think I'll go for Founders Snacks, too, tonight. c:

In other news, I'm in love with a song right now--it's Regina Spektor's "Someday". This girl always speaks my heart in the most creative melody and verse.


  1. man, I miss SUA. You get to write about some amazingly interesting things. Embrace the last one!

  2. Thanks Eric! You help me to appreciate my life at Soka. c: