Friday, March 11, 2011


I am so tired.

But so relieved that so far the news from family and friends have all been positive.

I ache for the loss of the people in Sendai and those still caught under water, rubble and earth. Chanting so hard in my heart.



  1. What happened there is awful...

    I was out the whole day and when I came home I learned what had happened and it just made me cry.. This is terrible. All my thoughts are with the victims families and the people who are suffering right now and will have to face such pain in the future and live with it.

  2. It was absolutely surreal watching the live feed of the tsunami. It's quite comforting to see that many organizations and nations went to Japan's aid quickly. My prayers go out to all the countries under tsunami watch right now, especially those isolated island communities in Indonesia and the Philippines.