Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Thangs I wore

So I know it's pretty silly and obnoxious to be posting these afterward but I wasn't very much in the mood or state to share anything personal the past few days. After I got the rescue Japan drawing off my chest I'm feeling much better. So here's a glimpse of my wardrobe this week. I scrapped the idea of reporting the weather for each day--I'm in Southern California so there's not much variety in climate anyhow.

Monday, I was feeling pretty drained from two classes and an intense (but invigorating) student forum in the evening. All the while I was feeling stressed from the news on the nuclear plants in Fukushima. Here I'm sporting the That's Amore Dress in black from Modcloth and a golden swan brooch from Sprout Studio. Yay online shopping!

Lazy Tuesday. Feeling the forecast of an oncoming menstrual cycle so stocking up on dark chocolate covered blueberries and parmesan, garlic and herb flavored pita chips from Trader Joe's.

Today is Wednesday, which means lots of classes and yoga in the afternoon--all of which calls for cheep spandex leggings, a loose H&M tanktop and a baggy hand-me-down shirt from Dad. Course-wise, I had Symbolic Logic in the morning and Architecture in the afternoon. Instead of the usual lecture course, we were given a tour through the new Performing Arts Theater! It was my first time in and I was so stoked. I snapped away on my camera. FYI, it's a green building that's LEED certified for a gold standard!

And finally, look what arrived in the mail today! 

This is a bookmark by Lesley Barnes, a phenomenal and colorful artist, whose artwork was being offered in a giveaway at Deborah's adorable blog, Kickcan & Conkers. I couldn't believe my luck when my name was drawn and I'm so excited to sandwich this lovely bookmark between the pages of Alice Munro's shortstories in Too Much Happiness. 

That's all for now folks! I gotta dash to make it to dinner! Toodles!

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  1. I want to steal your first outfit! I love dresses from Modcloth they are so cute!