Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Arts galore!

I'm a little frustrated and overwhelmed but in such a mild and calm way that it's hardly noticeable under this dazzling California sunshine. I've only been posting art blurbs here lately but a lot has been on my mind. Right now I just came out of a class that I felt was stressful, disorganized and oppressive--this is merely my feeling. I just need to write to release some of that tension. So allow me to just blurb. Hopefully something interesting will come from it.

Yesterday I went to the DMV at 8:30 AM to take the paper test and obtain a permit... my second permit to be exact, since my previous one expired before I really took the initiative to take the driving test. Note to you all: if you ever need to go to the DMV, make an appointment beforehand. Granted, usually you have to book like 1.5 months ahead, but still, nothing beats the sensation of cutting that enormous 2 hour line. Nothing. And I passed, for anyone concerned. c:

A portion of this overwhelming feeling is from all the art I feel like I need to do. I've still got like 9 commission pieces I want to complete and most of them I've already gone half-way through. I work sporadically and alternately on different projects because my tendency is to get bored with one. And sometimes I'm in the mood to draft out layouts and sketches, other times I just want to be choosing colors and rendering... so you know, this method works for me. I finished this commission last night for ShineyShane. You can find out more about these original characters on her deviantart. :)

A commission for Shineyshane depicting
her original characters: Dhan and Julie
And on top of that I'm getting all these creative inspirations but they somehow only come past midnight, just as I'm getting ready to sleep. So I draw them out before they escape me, and another one comes, and another! It's a wonderful feeling but I really need to sleep so I wish my inner psyche would cut me some slack. And I'm hoping to be able to use these ideas for my independent study course. But I don't feel like that's getting anywhere either. It's really hard accomplishing anything when I feel like there's nothing driving me or guiding me with my art. More than ever now I wish I could enroll in an art course and actually learn from people who excel in the digital medium I'm interested in and who can provide the healthy environment from which I can receive valuable critiques. I really feel on my own right now. And I'm doing my very best to push myself and act as my own trainer. 

Hmm, in other news, I just bought a bunch of colorful felt to try out Mikodesign's tutorial on making cute felt flower garlands. I absolutely adore her website and inventions--if you're crafty and girly you may just adore it too. I'll gather a few friends and we'll sew them up together sometime next week.

That seems to be a good note to leave it on. I'll be back to post some stuff again soon. Please excuse this haphazard and tangental post.


  1. so nice to read you like my blog, I look forward on seeing your felt garland!!

  2. @erika: Yes, I'll definitely share it here when it's done! c: