Sunday, March 27, 2011

Study days wardrobe

Thank you again for your encouraging replies to the earlier posts! I'll do what I can to keep these What I Wore uploads going. c: These are from the past three days. As it's probably apparent, I really wasn't in any state to be caring about my attire on Thursday. Everyone has those days, amiright?

 Friday was a cramming-for-studies day. Why yes, I am wearing the House Brawl sweatshirt from Threadless designed by Alice X. Zhang! I bought this in tribute to the Harry Potter 7 Part 1 premiere in November! So darn proud of it!

And then today, Saturday, was also a study day. I was pleasantly surprised at how productive I was for the majority of the day. A group of students on campus participated in Earth Hour 2011, coordinated by the Environmental Department. We all unplugged ourselves from our digital lives (which was alarmingly liberating) and gathered to play some outdoor games like tag and icebreaker-y stuff. We had so much fun that we never got around to sharing scary stories and listening to live acoustic music, which was on the agenda.

Tomorrow is the last day I've got left to prepare for the architecture exam! Aaaaah wish me luck!


  1. SUA offers an architecture course?!

  2. Uhhm I guess it'd be more accurate if I said "Nalini talks about spaces and shapes for 3 hours every week".

  3. earth hour?! sua just gets better by the day.