Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What I wore

lol, back so soon. It didn't feel right ending the previous post so ambiguously, so I'm sharing this!

Recently, I've been very keen on dressing up everyday. I think fashion is fun and being a college student is no reason to have to give up a nice dress or heals. I just got a couple new, comfy, and fabulously discounted heals and dresses from Modcloth the other day. I definitely believe that fashion is a mode of self expression--and every morning I wake up and arrange colors according to how I feel. 

This morning I went for the Summer Finn look, after listening to She & Him all night long. Oh if you like 500 Days of Summer, I recommend you watch this. Like highly recommend.

Tiffany has been so inspiring lately posting her daily attire on her blog so I've been itching to follow suit (no pun intended). 


  1. WOWOW cutie pie!

    don't forget, the original kilo-g is Sophie Diao! her What I Wore posts started it all~ at !!

  2. Sorry for bombarding your wall all the time. I've disabled facebook for my own good, but I couldn't rip myself away from your drawings (lol, while that's true, I also realize that I need to keep my blogger in-tact not to lose my sanity).
    As always, I just want to say how awesome your drawing is. I like this one particularly - it seems so... refreshing. And I like the fashion.
    Anyway, 500 days of summer was awesome. That video makes me want to see it again!

  3. Great drawing and lovely outfit, hope you'll have another go at a "What I wore today" soon.

  4. @tiffany: Thanks! And yes, I adore her and her drawings!! Her fashion sense is immaculate--but yours is, too!! c:

    @eric: Not at all--I love comments from you and I'm sorry I haven't responded each time. I understand the need to close facebook for a while. I did the same last summer, but for some reason, ever since I got back on I get all these glitches that still have not been fixed.
    I hope you continue to post on your blog, though!! At least when you manage to find time. c:

    @Darrell: Thanks! :)

    @Peter: Thank you!