Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Let's rescue Japan!

Please lend a hand in saving Japan from its ongoing calamities.

A high amount of radiation is leaking from the fires and explosions of the four nuclear power plants in Fukushima prefecture. [read more on the radiation hazard], over 2000 bodies have been found on the coastal areas of Miyagi prefecture and still many more are trapped under rubble [more on tsunami aftermath], and food and electricity shortages are occurring daily across the mainland [more on power cuts].

You can help by making donations to organizations such as:

THE RED CROSS (text REDCROSS to 90999 or visit their site here)


INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL CORPS (text MED to 80888 or visit their site here)

If you are a Japanese youth or college student, you can lend a hand by joining YOUTH FOR 3.11 to help with reconstruction projects once the Self-Defense Forces and government gives the OK for civilian volunteer participation.

Thank you!


  1. Beg pardon but this is going to be a bit rambling. Firstly, I'm very pleased to hear your family are okay and I pray many times a day for the poor souls who haven't been so fortunate. At this distance you're doing all you can and your prayers/chanting are a great and real support and comfort to those on the spot in Japan.

    Your artwork, by the way, is wonderful. There've been some fine designs been made to draw attention to Japan's plight but yours is one of the first drawings I seen and is superb. The combination of design elements and drawing is great and very different. Perhaps you should consider offering it as a print through Artists Help Japan.

    Keep drawing.

  2. Thank you so much for your sincere comment, Peter! I feel so fortunate to have had my day started off with such a wonderful message. I'm very pleased to hear you speak so highly of this illustration. I had not known that such an organization as Artists Help Japan existed--I'm definitely interested, though! Thank you again, for your comment and for following this blog! I really appreciate it! c: